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This book teaches basic computer forensics to any level computer user. You do not need to be an intermediate or advanced computer user to understand this book or to know how to implement any of the procedures. It's very easy to navigate, with clear screenshots as examples. Additionally, this website is to compliment the book in helping you further and I offer this at no cost to you.

Stop Cyber-bullying
Catch Your Spouse Cheating
Stop Pornography Addiction
Save Your Teen from Suicide
Save Your Child from a Pedophile
Stop a Compulsive Online Gambler
Prevent Mass Murders or Terrorism
Discover Who’s Wasting Company Time



Please be patient as this brand new site begins it's development.

Welcome to the website for the "Catch Me If You Know How" book series. This website compliments the books, and is offered at no cost. The first book in the series is the "Internet Edition", and was released September 2011 in eBook format. The paperback version is now available for purchase from our eStore. I am currently writing the next book in the series, and it should be released in the near future.

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